CEREC® Cases

Armen Case

Case study for Scottsdale Center

Magne Prebond

This article discusses the importance of immediate dentin sealing which is basically what the CEREC® is performing. By sealing the dentin immediately, we are getting much higher bond strenghts, less sensitivity and less gap formation in our bonds.


This article was written by Dr. Chris Pescatore talking about the disadvantages of CEREC® dentistry. Dr. Pescatore is now a CEREC® user.


Biogeneric Onlay Publish in Contemporary Esthetics

Quandrant Restorations Case Studies

Quadrant Before/After with Financial Info

Posterior Restorations Case Study

Posterior Before/After W/ Financial Info

Posterior Partial Crown Case Study

Posterior Partial Crown w/Financial Info

Posterior Crown After Endo Case Study

Posterior Crown After Endo w/Financial Info

Factured Anterior Case Study

Fractured Anterior Case Study w/Financial Info

Crown Supporting Partial Case Study

Crown Supporting Partial Case Study w/Financial Info

2 Implants and Crowns Case Study

Dr. Mirzayan JCD Article

Four unit anterior case published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. 3 Veneers and an Implant Crown done directly with CEREC® 3D

Final PPG

This is using the Emax material to restore an implant tooth

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