About Us

We connect CEREC® dentists, labs, and patients in the your area.

For Doctors

  • CEREC® owners can register on the website to be listed in the 'CEREC® Dentist Finder.' Potential patients can enter their zip code and it will find the nearest CEREC® dentist along with complete contact info, a map, and website address.
  • Doctors can RSVP for study club meetings and see the upcoming schedule.
  • Doctors can search for labs through CEREC® Connect.
  • Members who join the website pool their registration fees for advertising projects to market to potential patients.
  • There are resources like videos, manuals, and related links.
  • There is a lot of information about the product for potential CEREC® doctors.

For Labs

  • CEREC® labs can be connected to dentists in their area by registering on our site. Dentists can search up their zip code to find nearby labs, making it easy to attract new business.

For Patients

  • Patients can go there to learn about CEREC®.
  • They can find dentists in their zip code and get in contact with them right away.

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